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Chassis Dyno

SuperFlow AutoDyn 849

The Grinch

Here at Randall’s Performance, we own the closest thing to a diesel-specific chassis dyno on the market: a SuperFlow AutoDyn 849. Dual eddy current technology allows us to extract maximum power from each truck by forcing it to pull through a predetermined load. Remember, load is the only way to achieve maximum boost—and boost equals horsepower in most street truck applications. The AutoDyn 849 model chassis dyno is one of the most accurate dynos in the diesel industry. Check out some of the trucks that have played on our dyno here

Dyno Rate(s):

  • $125 - 3 runs
  • $100/hr (dyno tuning)

*Dyno testing must be scheduled in advance, call (309) 627-2500 to set up an appointment