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DiabloSport Trinity Tuner (Diesel & Gas)

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DiabloSport Trinity Tuner

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Cummins, Duramax, Powerstroke & Gas


The Trinity Tuner from DiabloSport is one of the most versatile programmers/monitors in the aftermarket. A single programmer can be used to tune a multitude of vehicles, diesel or gas.


Select from pre-loaded, dyno-tested performance tunes such as Extreme, Towing, Economy, and Performance/Economy files for diesels, and various octane tunes for gas engines. Drivability is vastly improved as well. The Trinity Tuner saves a copy of the vehicle’s factory programming data in its memory storage, and once it’s restored leaves no footprints or watermarks in your vehicle’s computer.


A high-resolution, full-color touch screen makes it easy to navigate through all of the Trinity’s menus and options. Everything the ECM sees, the Trinity sees, meaning you basically can view any parameter you want to. On top of that, gauge layouts are completely customizable. For additional monitoring, the Trinity incorporates a 5-volt input port that can accommodate multiple add-on accessories.



  • *Ability to tune multiple vehicles with one programmer
  • *Supports diesel and gas vehicles
  • *Can be uploaded with up to 5 custom tunes
  • *Checks and clears diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s)
  • *0-60, 0-100, and ¼-mile performance test modes
  • *Programmable LED lights
  • *Suction cup windshield mount included


Diesel Power Gains:

  • Towing Tune: +40-60 hp, up to 100 lb-ft
  • Economy: +60-100 hp, 180-200 lb-ft
  • Performance/Economy: +80-100 hp, 180-200 lb-ft
  • Extreme Tune: +100-185 hp, up to 220 lb-ft


Gas Power Gains:

  • 93 Octane “Diablo” Tune: +15-40 hp
  • 91 Octane Performance Tune: +13-35 hp
  • 87 Octane Performance Tune: +12-30 hp
  • MPG Booster Tune: +2-3 mpg


PN: T1000

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