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STEINBAUER Power Module - PN 220110

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SISU 6.6L, 7.4L, 8.4L engines


There are many products on the market today that claim to increase power and torque. Buzz words like chip, chipping, or flashing are technologies of the past, Products that increase rail pressure are simplistic, providing additional horsepower and torque by increasing rail pressure. This can lead to major engine failure.

If you are looking for a quality product that has been tried, tested, and sold worldwide—then there is only one. STEINBAUER has been producing performance electronics for over 15 years. The company develops, rigorously tests, and manufactures every product it sells. No other tuning on the market is as refined and proven as what you get with a STEINBAUER power module.


Intelligent Engine Technology

The desired performance enhancement is achieved by changing the injection duration, the same way the system was originally designed to operate. This also allows precise fuel control throughout the full rpm range of the engine. Injection duration is achieved by adding pulse width to a signal, (i.e. at the end of injection). This does not change timing—that’s best left to the factory ECU. The STEINBAUER module also does not interfere with common rail pressure - making it the safest choice for your engine.

So what is the benefit of all this Intelligent Technology for your equipment? The STEINBAUER power module provides a 20% increase in horsepower and torque, and a considerable reduction in fuel consumption. This allows you to accomplish your work in the field quicker, and cheaper.



  • *For SISU 6.6L, 7.4L, 8.4L engines (see specific applications below)
  • *Horsepower and torque gains of up to 20%
  • *Improvement in fuel economy
  • *Easy, plug-in installation
  • *Dust, moisture, and vibration resistant



  • *Tested and sold worldwide, operating in all climates and conditions
  • *Robust construction: dust, moisture and vibration resistant
  • *No interference with existing vehicle parts, service intervals remain unchanged
  • *Quality European engineering and components
  • *Easy installation
  • *No boost or increase in rail pressure
  • *Backed by a worldwide support network
  • *3-Year Warranty (with product registration at




*Sprayers - Challenger RoGator 618S (7.4L SISU 74 243 hp), Challenger RoGator 645 (7.4L SISU 74 205 hp), Challenger RoGator 655 (7.4L SISU 74 224 hp), Challenger TerraGator 2244 (8.4L Citius CTA Tier 4i 296 hp), Challenger TerraGator 8333 (8.4L Citius CTA Tier 4i 330 hp)

*Tractors - DT205B (8.4L SISU 84 non-CVT 316 hp), DT225B (8.4L SISU 84 non-CVT 261 hp), DT250B (8.4L SISU 84 non-CVT 292 hp), DT275B (8.4L SISU 84 non-CVT 316 hp), RT110A (6.6L SISU 66 non-CVT 134 hp), RT120A (6.6L SISU 66 non-CVT 145 hp), RT140A (6.6L SISU 66 non-CVT 170 hp), RT155A (6.6L SISU 66 non-CVT 185 hp), RT165A (7.4L SISU 74 non-CVT 200 hp), RT180A (7.4L SISU 74 non-CVT 215 hp)

*Combines - Gleaner A65 (8.4L Citius CTA Tier 4i 299 hp), Gleaner A66 (8.4L Citius CTA Tier 4i 299 hp), Gleaner A76 (8.4L Citius CTA Tier 4i 350 hp), Gleaner R65 (8.4L Citius CTA Tier 4i 299 hp), Gleaner R66 (8.4L Citius CTA Tier 4i 299 hp), Gleaner R75 (8.4L Citius CTA Tier 4i 350 hp), Gleaner R76 (8.4L Citius CTA Tier 4i 350 hp)

*Challengers - 660B (8.4L AGCO Power 299 hp), 670B (8.4L AGCO Power 350 hp), MT635B (7.4L SISU 74 common-rail 224 hp), MT645C (8.4L SISU 84 common-rail 270 hp), MT655C (8.4L SISU 84 common-rail 295 hp), MT665C (8.4L SISU 84 common-rail 321 hp), MT675C (8.4L SISU 84 common-rail 350 hp), MT685C (8.4L SISU 84 common-rail 370 hp)


Massey Ferguson:

*Combines - Activa 7247S (7.4L 271 hp), Beta 7260 (7.4L 271 hp), Beta 7270 (8.4L AGCO Power 330 hp), Centora 7280 (8.4L SISU 84 342 hp), Centora 7282 (8.4L AGCO Power 378 hp)

*Tractors - MF 6485 (6.6L common-rail 158 hp), MF 6490 (6.6L non-CVT common-rail 168 hp), MF 6495 (6.6L common-rail 182 hp), MF 6497 (6.6L common-rail 197 hp),  MF 6499 (7.4L common-rail 212 hp), MF 7485 (6.6L non-CVT common-rail 162 hp), MF7490 (6.6L non-CVT common-rail 173 hp), MF 7495 (6.6L common-rail 188 hp), MF 7497 (7.4L non-CVT common-rail 201 hp), MF 7499 (7.4L non-CVT common-rail 217 hp), MF 8450 (7.4L non-CVT common-rail 212 hp), MF 8460 (7.4L non-CVT common-rail 232 hp), MF 8470 (8.4L SISU 84 non-CVT common-rail 256 hp), MF 8480 (8.4L SISU 84 non-CVT common-rail 286 hp), MF 8650 (8.4L SISU 84 non-CVT common-rail 237 hp), MF 8660 (8.4L SISU 84 non-CVT common-rail 266 hp), MF 8670 (8.4L SISU 84 non-CVT common-rail 290 hp), MF 8680 (8.4L SISU 84 non-CVT common-rail 321 hp), MF 8690 (8.4L SISU 84 non-CVT common-rail 339 hp), MF 9695 (8.4L SISU 84 non-CVT common-rail 299 hp), MF 9795 (8.4L SISU 84 non-CVT common-rail 350 hp)


PN: 220110

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